Giornale di Olgiate - 27 Mar 2021
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Dad Armando creates inclusive video games

  •  March 27, 2021
  •  Sara Mugnai
  •  "Giornale di Olgiate"

«Andy's Project» aims at an international network and at improving the lives of those with autism. «This world is a jungle, I want to give concrete help by providing adequate IT Solutions»

Create inclusive video games, with an outstretched hand for autistic people.

«Andy's Project» is aimed at creating a worldwide network to make the life of those with autism better: the first steps are taking its creator far away. «We want to provide concrete help to autistic people, this world is a jungle and the time has come to act - tells Armando Olivieri, Andrea's father, 15 year old autistic boy - Not enough is being done for this reality. I wanted to combine my work with the social to develop a project that creates a network capable of compacting information in the world of autism, using modern computer systems. The slowdown in work due to the lockdown allowed me to start the project I had been in the pipeline for a couple of years». Dad Armando has been involved in programming since 1985 and has an IT company (digitalCode Sagl) that has always been involved in information technology. «The videogame is a starting point for a much broader purpose, I want to provide free software and hardware to autistic people. The classic puzzle game, first creation, is specially made for disabled and autistic people. Over the years I have sadly found that the management of the autistic world draws on fragmented information, uses inadequate tools, follows conservative and obsolete policies, so I decided to want software and hardware dedicated to them, with the aim of activating a worldwide network. I already have international contacts, absurdly I have received more feedback from abroad». Armando no longer wants to hear a phrase that hurts from operators: «we work with what we have». «The project is highly appreciated. I like to act with facts: I don't look for funds to make it happen, but I start the realization. If the funds were to arrive, the realization times would be reduced, I continue towards the goal: to provide programs suitable for autistic people, both management for research centers, rehabilitation or sector centers, both for simple videogames with a strong rehabilitation component, with settings and details». There is, however, a difficulty. «The project does not generate business, it produces interest only for those who are closely involved in it personally». The initiative is open to all. «There is a section dedicated to volunteers, plus we have areas dedicated to professionals. For example, there are psychologists who use it to publish research, or associations and rehabilitation centers, primarily the one my son frequented, in which we experiment with specific video games. to have a rehabilitation component. By doing so, be able to compact the information by expanding the range of application».

Sara Mugnai