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Let's fight autism, together we win!

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    We cannot explain what autism is, we can only see its devastating effects for both "innocent victims" and (us) parents. We can do more ! Together we can fight it, alone we are already defeated ...
    autism !
  •   University of Basel: Institute of Psychology

    We are conducting a specific study of the autism spectrum (ASD)

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    Puzzle Classic

    Free Game

    Autism ReadyThe classic puzzle game, specially designed for both adults and children. We have paid particular attention to the help levels in the game, so that it can be used by anyone.

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    We never stop!

    Road Map

    We have many ideas and projects underway to be able to create as many software as possible (games and management) that are supporting the world of autism.

    "Puzzle Classic 2"

    United Artists

    Thanks to the participation of many digital artists in the "Become a Volunteer" initiative, a second version of "Puzzle Classic" will soon be available with new exclusive content.


    "Hoootpocket", a game based on the choice of objects and combinations of colors and shapes, in the ARCADE style, is being redesigned. More information will be available soon.


    "interCom" is an information collection and distribution management system designed to help organizations that manage disabled centers and their families. The project is in an advanced study phase.

    In order to realize all the projects we need your help: Make a donation or become a volunteer, together we can give a little 'joy and serenity.

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    Snow White lives in Japan ?!

    We are forming the development team

    Have you ever wondered what happened next?
    We will try to tell you about it through an interactive game.

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