Today we have an incredible tool at our disposal: internet that has eliminated the physical distances between people, creating a world where information reaches every corner of the globe in a few milliseconds.


But like any tool it is necessary to know it, learn how to use it, make it effective.

From my personal experience emerges the dark side of internet: the dispersion of information.

In autism, as we all know very well, information and time are vital to prevent and cure (and maybe someday not too far away, heal).

I can't quantify how many groups of "parents" exist, non-profit associations, public and private rehabilitation centers, but one thing is certain: we are many and by joining forces we can maximize the knowledge acquired by sharing it with the whole world, concretizing effectively the concept of research, prevention and cure.

As extensively illustrated in the section "Andy's Project" , the aim of the project is to unite as many people as possible to make a common front and counteract autism.

I invite everyone to collaborate with the project to give life to concrete initiatives of an informative and rehabilitative nature. New ideas for the creation of software, share your personal experiences, start hardware / software projects that you believe can help rehabilitation, make known therapeutic success stories, keep us informed on research progress.

All this is not summed up in a block of information that feeds false hopes or miraculous "do-it-yourself" therapies, far from it: the aim is to have a broader vision of autism, maintaining a skeptical profile but without forgetting that in the end we are all pioneers.

I invite private groups of parents, associations, rehabilitation centers, research centers and all organizations that at this moment are doing their utmost to fight autism but are struggling to get help and support, to register, filling out the form below, thus starting to create a group that works together with the sole purpose of "defeating autism".

"Andy's Project" is a project open to all subscribers and maximum privacy is guaranteed: you will never receive unsolicited emails or your identity (sensitive data) and your email address will never be transmitted to third parties.

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