"I would like to have super powers to heal them all !! I can't stand the sight of so much injustice decreed by life, so much unjustified suffering, so much indifference!".

But the harsh reality is an unequal struggle against something indefinite, mysterious, unassailable.

Starting from the "little things", however, it is possible to improve the quality of life of autistic people: "Andy's Project".

Let's start by exploiting my field of expertise: information technology / electronics, creating targeted programs and information management.

My global vision is to make a radical change in the way we treat and "cure" autism, creating a world that can include autistic people and not a parallel one as it is today.

In order to realize the only obstacle is the time! I do not bother me, nor skepticism nor the immobility of modern society. By supporting the project with a donation, you will advance the project faster.