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Psychology & Video Games

  •  Apr 30, 2021
  •  Console Generation

... "We will take the opportunity to deal with slightly more serious issues (but not only), such as Andy's Project, an initiative launched by a father who created a video game to help his son - Andy, precisely - to manage his autism problems. "...

Special thanks to Console Generation for the space dedicated to Andy's Project, and thanks to Dr. Salvo Cammarata for having been able to explain, in a simple and enlightening way, the psychology of the video game.

It has always been played to learn: everyone plays, even those in the world who perceive it differently.
I am a computer scientist with a passion, since 1980, for video games and I have decided that they will be the bridge to communicate with my Andrea.
I want my games to be of help to many families like mine, nice to listen to those who, with lightness and professionalism, can give a voice to those who have none.

Happy listening and ... good game everyone!

Psychology & Video Games - CG Live 30/04/2021



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