Puzzle Classic

The classic puzzle game

Have fun putting the puzzles back together! You will be able to choose 20 different types of designs, select the number of tiles and set all the aids you will need to finish the game or to make it more challenging. "Puzzle Classic" has been specially designed to be used by children up to the elderly, with particular attention to disabled people.

What are you waiting for, download it and start playing! It's free!

Find out what makes it unique:


Autonomy to start and restart the game

We have thought of a visual system able to allow a start and restart of the game even for the little ones, inserting animations and "giant" buttons so as to immediately focus attention on the action to be taken.


Relaxing background music

12 relaxing music tracks, able to create an atmosphere of calm and concentration in continuous rotation, with the possibility to also select the favorite music track.


"Soft" and satisfying sound effects

Each action corresponds to a sound that helps to understand the action taken. The sounds have been carefully chosen and reworked in order not to disturb, but to increase attention.



The difficulty of the game is selectable through 4 different preferences: Sensitivity, Magnet, Flash and Image. You can enable and disable music and sounds and choose the number of pieces that make up the puzzle, from 4 to 36 pieces.


20 different types of Puzzles

We used 20 different types of designs depicting play, adventure, landscapes and everyday action. At each restart of the game, it is possible to select a specific puzzle, even if a different one from the previous one is always proposed so as to facilitate and speed up the start of the game even for the little ones.


Intuitive interface

The game interface has been designed to be intuitive and within everyone's reach. Without opening the preferences it is possible to show or hide the background help image, mix the boxes or temporarily show the complete image. We have also added a long press control on the "preference" and "back" keys to avoid accidentally interrupting the game.

Puzzle Classic is Free!

Thanks to the sponsors and your donations we were able to make "Puzzle Classic" free for everyone!

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